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Sheet Media

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What is Sheet Media?

It is simply printing to media that is supplied in sheets of material. Commonly supplied in 8' x 4' sheets as standard although bigger sizes are available.  

Below are a few of the most commanly used forms of sheet media:

  • PVC Sheet (Foamex) 
    A rigid PVC foam sheet used for signage & display boards, available in 3, 5, 10mm thickness.
  • Fluted Polypropylene PVC Sheet (Correx) 
    A lightweight signage solution used by Estate Agents. Also good for tempory signage it is waterproof & robust. 
  • Aluminium Composite (Di Bond) 
    3mm thick PVC sandwiched between 2 sheets of aluminium. These are used in long term signage & hoardings. Also waterproof & robust. 
  • Acrylic Sheet (Perspex) 
    Printed to the reverse and then mounted on stand off locators for stunning signage & office decor. Add flame polised edges for a real quality feel.
Other sheet media we can print is up to 2500 x 1250 x 48mm
  • Glass (Splashbacks)
  • HIPS (High Impart Polystyrene Sheet)
  • Timber / MDF
  • Sheet Metals
  • Doors

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